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HOW TO: Logo Design & Process

Loge created for Elemathary

HOW TO: Logo Design & Process

Step-by-Step Guide to My Logo Design Process

Many customers ask before we start a project what my process is, or what I need to begin a project. Many designers have their own way of preparing and executing a logo design, whether it's completely starting from scratch or basing the design on what the client specifically wants or needs. Below are the steps I take to organize, draft, and complete a customer order - and maybe these can be used as tips to help you on your own design journey! Visuals used are from a recent logo design project completed for Elemathary.


Interviewing the Client and Establishing a Goal

Before beginning any legwork on a logo design, I always interview my client. This way I can get a feel for them as an individual, what kind of business they are operating, and what goals they have for the project and what they want the logo to communicate.

Important questions to ask are things like "What logos appeal to you and why?", "Where will you logo be used?", and"What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it?".

This helps me establish a direction to head in and where to go first in my research. It can also help me provide the client with a proper quote for the project based on a more complete idea of what will be involved and if there will be any additional graphics needed to coordinate with the logo.

(Pssst...Need an idea of how how to set up your own client brief? Scroll down to the bottom of the post to download your free starter Logo Checklist!)


Planning the Design and Checking out the Competition

At this stage, I take time to plan and do research. The internet is a powerful tool!

Research is a valuable step in the process - it can make or break a design project!

Research includes checking out the competition, what other companies are doing in the same field or with similar graphic elements or colors, or how to establish an appropriate aesthetic for the design based on the client brief. I check out sites like