• Shannon Marie Ferguson

HOW TO: Photoshop Curves Presets

Original photo versus three different curves presets created by Running With Foxes

HOW TO: Photoshop Curves Presets

Loading, Using, and Editing Photoshop Curves

To make it easier for customers, and as a resource for anyone just starting out using Adobe Photoshop, I'm adding this brief little tutorial! Learn to use this awesome tool to improve your photos for personal or commercial work.

Using curves is great for both amateur and professional photographers, or just for fun. Apply to both color and black and white photos, or apply multiple times for unexpected results.

(Header Photo by Nicolas Ladina Silva)

What are Curves?

Default curves panel view when first opening the adjustment layer.

Curves can also be applied to CMYK, LAB, or Grayscale images, but for this example I'm using an RGB image. This is the default view when Curves are first opened.

Photoshop Curves can be used to enhance the look and feel of your photographs. They work to adjust the color and tone of images. Using the curves adjustment layer in Adobe Photoshop, you can manually adjust points across the image's tonal range.

A slight surves adjustment can yield effective results with increased brightness and contrast.

Even a slight curve can make a big difference in the tone of your image!

The default view is a straight diagonal line across graph. When you adjust an RGB image, remember that the upper-right area of the graph changes the highlights and the lower-left area changes the shadows. Adding control points to the line and move them up and down the graph will change the shape of the Curve, which will be reflected in your image.