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Contemporary Design Issues


Social Justice & Equal Rights Organization Sustainable Trade Show Project. Developed for Contemporary Design Class. Concept for a fictitious LGBTQ Rights Group in the United States.

Trade show booth design, and accompanying logo, collateral, and gift items, designed for the purpose of minimizing ecological impact. The organization focuses on raising awareness for social justice and equal rights issues globally.


The purpose of the project was to create coordinating collateral, 3D gifts, and a trade booth design - all to promote the human rights and social justice efforts of the Global LGBTQ Rights Project organization. Each piece was designed with the environment in mind, so that the ecological impact of the organization is as minimal as possible.


The colors and typography used were meant to give the organization and its brand a modern look, while also tying to the theme of the project. The organization’s focus is the rights of LGBT people around the world and raising awareness about issues they face in both the United States and globally. The importance of sustainable design is reflected in the direction we are taking for our future. More and more businesses are changing to follow more sustainable “green” business practices.  Overconsumption and waste are a serious issues for countries like the  United States, which has the sixth highest ecological footprint in the world. (Stock Images used courtesy of AIO Student Library).


“Every choice we make each day adds or subtracts from the resources available to us tomorrow” (Jedlicka). The way we choose to consume is one of the most important ways we can change our impact on the planet. Making better everyday choices has longterm benefits for both the planet and the wallet. The materials and types of products chosen for the project are meant to be as sustainable as possible, while also being reusable to minimize waste and consumption. 


*Jedlicka, Wendy. Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design, 1st Edition. John Wiley & Sons P&T, 2009-12-14. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.