Advertising Magazine Mockup
Thumbnails and Pencil Roughs
Three Digital Roughs of Ads
Final Choices for Ad Theme
Thumbnails of Flash Advertising


Print and Web Advertising

Starbucks Oprah Teavana Chai Tea Latte line of drinks promoted as a part of a three full page magazine ads campaign. Doubles as a promotion for the drink and a promotion for Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy Foundation. Developed for Art Direction Class.
Additional set of three functioning animated web ads created in Adobe Flash for advertising online. Featuring recent promotions by the Starbuck's Brand and deals linked to on their website and the new Loyalty Program. Developed for Basic Web Animation Class.

The concepts of both series of ads were meant to integrate them into the existing brand, while also promoting a positive and hopeful style of advertisment.


(Stock Images used for project courtesy of AIO Student Library or Starbucks)